My Cash Downline Builder Review

Cash Downline Builder


Cash Downline Builder is a system where You can add up to 5 of your own business opportunity links into the system and grow your downlines to them as well as any of the programs that you decide to join amongst the over 25 programs that are within the system.



Alonzo Brown shown in the video below is the Founder and Creator of the Cash Downline Builder system and He is also the system admin as well as a Wonderful Mentor and Friend – Not to be confused with the Producer Alonzo Brown.



Above is the Welcome to Cash Downline Builder video and here is the link to the Team site 

Below I will share with you my Top 5 business opportunities that I also share within the CDB system.

(When you click on the business opportunity name link below it will open to a new window to another post here on so you won’t lose your spot here)

Any of the below sites that interest you, I highly recommend to sign up for right away even if you don’t sign up at CDB.

  1. Global MoneyLine – Free to join and better than solo ads, Adpacks, email marketing or anything else that I have found on the internet for sharing to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online from anywhere in the world!

  2. IBOsocial / IBOtoolbox – The #1 Advertising Social site on the planet with amazing tools and training.  Free to join and free forever with the ability to earn free advertising credits by creating Press Releases / Blogs as well as commenting on other Friends Press Releases and even for logging into the platform!

  3. Wealthy Affiliate University – Rated the #1 Affiliate Marketing Business Community in the World, The Training and Support are Superior as well!  By far the most active and supportive community that I have ever been involved with on the Internet!

  4. Social Media Traffic Exchange – A Social Media Exchange site that I personally launched this year and is great for sharing your website(s) and/or Opportunity link(s) to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue for Free!

  5. Jaaxy – The World’s most powerful Keyword Research Platform providing Competition Analysis, Domain Flipping, Niche Research, More than just Google results (Takes into account all search engine results) and so much more.


Cash Downline Builder



The 5 that I shared above are the same 5 that I have added to the CDB platform and You can add those 5 or any of them to yours as well.

(If you are already a member at any of the 5 above You don’t need to rejoin.  You simply input your affiliate link into the spot on CDB.)




Network Marketing Pro – Eric Worre –  

Above is a YouTube video with Eric Worre promoting his website and I highly recommend anyone who is into Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing and/or Multi-Level Marketing view the site often!

Back to Cash Downline Builder – Below I will list the Opportunities that are currently offered at CDB.

The first list will be the ones that I am a member at and highly recommend.

(If they also appeal to you then I highly recommend that you also join them before joining and/or if You decide not to join CDB)

The second list will be those that I either haven’t yet joined or that don’t fit what I am wanting to promote.

(In no way am I saying that the ones that I am not a member of are bad or that they are a scam or scheme, Just not for me.)

Sites within the Cash Downline Builder system that I have joined:

You have most likely noticed that the first 3 that I have listed are also on the built into CDB platform, I added those to my Top 5 because they are Awesome!

Back to the list of the one’s within the CDB program that I have joined:

The sites that I list below are also available within the Cash Downline Builder system however I do not personally promote them.

You can promote them and join them as you desire and if you are already in any of the programs listed below you can also simply plug in your referral link and earn referrals to them as well:

  • O2

  • Top Surfer

  • Grow your list & income

  • PennySaver

  • Rotate my Sites

  • Lifetime Banners

  • Mr. Rebates

  • Enviralizer

  • CyberWheelers

  • Truckload of Ads

  • The Online Ad Network

  • HomeSuccessPro

  • InstantBannerCreator

  • All in One Profits

  • Viral Ad COOP Network

  • Really Simple System

  • Chew the Fat Off

  • 3 Steppers

  • KaratBars

  • Strong Future International SFI

  • TE Command Post

  • Traffic Browser

  • Gano Healthy Coffee

  • 4 Corners Alliance Group

  • Referral Frenzy

I am aware that CDB has a huge amount of moving parts but I don’t want that to scare you away and that is why I would like to stress the fact that You don’t need to join them all!

The beauty of the CDB system is that you only join the programs that you want to join and the ones that you want referrals to.

Cash Downline Builder is the best MLM downline builder direct from a Friend who has been building downlines for a living for years.

 Alonzo Brown has a unique downline builder script that he shares with us all at the CashDownlineBuilder.Net site.

CDB is by far the most Ultimate Downline Builder that I have ever seen in my many years of earning an income on the internet and that is why I proudly share with Family, Friends and the World!

Any of the sites above that I have specified that I have joined and promote I welcome you to also join and as an added bonus I will be available to you on a one-to-one basis whenever you ask as long as you are active.

Thank you for viewing and also for commenting below with any questions and/or statements, Testimonials etc….

Tony Lee Hamilton  Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran







Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran